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Ow. I have learnt something new today. Giving blood does not hurt. Reaching for the dictionary to check "insensate" means what you think it means a couple of hours later does. This is, I suspect, due to the sticky plaster in the crook of my right elbow beneath which is the promise of a neat bruise. It has already meant I am drinking tea with my left arm (the one which only had a hb test done in its crook) and having to use my middle instead of my index finger when left-clicking on the mouse (due to the initial hb test). I knew in advance about the potential bruises and faintness, even remembering to have a good chunky pannini for lunch to reduce the shock. I knew about the tea and biccies. No one told me there might be dictionary reach pain.

And insensate does mean what I think it means: it means unfeeling.

Posted @ 1:03 am on Thursday, May 06, 2004
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