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London belongs to me! Just back from five days in the south-east, working for the day job.

Amidst all the mis-delivered letters for the neighbour, bank statements and the like, there was issue 5 of The Girly Comic which contains my debut comic script, as mentioned back in Feb this year.

On the downside, I appear to have a mosquito bite on my leg, the first of the summer and the first ever in the UK. Not that global warming exists, according to Americans and Russians. I also got caught in my first ever barrier queue on the Tube, having foolishly decided to come back from Cheshunt via Liverpool Street (one change to circle line) instead of via Tottenham Hale (change to victoria line, change again at Kings X). London tube etiquette broke down utterly, with people talking to one another. Admittedly after one gentleman pushed through claiming the entire thing is the fault of a Labour government. Whilst Blair may be responsible for many dubious things, I'd suspect chronic under-investment by various governments over the last 20+ years is the real cause of the over-saturated public transport system...

The plus side of going via Liverpool Street is that I spotted an Accessorize and found a pair of the Chinese slippers I've been drooling over for weeks in my size. Also, had enough time to stop for conveyor belt sushi at Paddington station and got some vegetarian dumplings quickly fried for me - v. yummy.

Posted @ 11:02 pm on Tuesday, May 18, 2004
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