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Jennifer Aniston is not a pharmaceutical chemist.

WEN is a site dedicated to how women can influence environmental use/abuse. The grrls who came to last year's grrly meet will be delighted to see the swap meet idea is getting bigger.

I've still not put my diatribe about cosmetics online but those of you who have read it may be interested in WEN's subsite on cosmetics. Back when I wrote my bit, I got a friend who knows about these things to check something. Neutrilium, the special ingredient in, IIRC, a Laboratoire Garnier shampoo, doesn't exist. They haven't even bothered to patent an bunch of inactive chemicals under the name in case anyone checked. The 'science' they sell these products on is no different to the 'doctor's recommendations' used back in the 1950s. I really must get that article online.

And, I admit, they'll be prying a box of Schwarztkoff #43 from my cold dead hands...

Posted @ 9:52 am on Tuesday, May 11, 2004
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