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I am feeling exceptionally grouchy today. Well, I do call it a grouch for a reason, even if I rarely do actually go into a bitter complaint. There are lots of things annoying me, several of which cannot be posted here, but some of the grouchiness is with myself. I have had a week in which I have achieved bugger all. Nothing annoys me more than the awareness that I've somehow mislaid a week's worth of time. It makes me bitter because, whilst I enjoying faffing about and avoiding work, I like to at least feel that I tried. Or at least that I have some control and choice in the matter.

The first two evenings were lost to the late night. Wednesday night was spent prepping for a work trip away. Thursday night was spent in Cumbria where I utterly failed in my plan to get some work done in the hotel due to being there with someone and thus having to go out for food etc. Friday evening was mostly spent in traffic jams around Birmingham and Bristol, thus confirming my belief that cars are evil and trains are civilised. I even revived my CNPS score which is still at a staggeringly low 16. Of course, since I only play when very bored on motorways, that might explain that. Getting back several hours after planned, I sat and ate pizza whilst watching the latter half of Buffy season 7, finally going to bed after Spike saved the world around dawn.

The worst thing about this partially self-induced grouchiness (I could have worked last night but I went for Spike Buffy instead, I could have gone home at 11pm not 4am on Monday etc etc) is that I have various social things planned for the weekend and am perceiving one of them to be an obligation which I can't blow off even though I want to. Grr.

On the plus side, despite the utter chaos the trip caused, Cumbria was very lovely in the Spring sunlight. I have taken a mov from which to grab stills later. The hotel in Penrith was a classic mid-Victorian job, probably an expansion of an old coaching inn, and we found a lovely Italian restaurant where I had some yummy bruschette and tagliatelle.

Posted @ 4:55 pm on Saturday, May 01, 2004
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