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Question: is it possible to recreate the life of Carrie Bradshaw in Devon? With or without the shoe collection.

Had a total S&tC moment last night, by going for cocktails with three other women in the hotel barcelona (flash req.) in Exeter. Tried their cosmopolitan which lacked the lime I put in my own and was therefore a little disappointing (I also don't bother with the orange bitters). Also the Twisted Russian which was a delightful variation on the Black Russian with added cream and cinnammon. This perfectly recreated my favourite cocktail circa 1990: the Black Russian with a Guiness top as made at the late Bart's Tavern in Exeter. Rounded the evening off with a Mandarita (sp?) which is a version of a Margarita with orange instead of lime. I was less impressed with that - a bit too sharply citric for my tastes. Those of you who know my love of real ales and decent bitters are doubtless shocked that I have a love such girly drinks. At least it's not lager.

This was my first time in Hotel Barcelona. The decor in the cocktail lounge makes you feel as if you have wandered into an Edward Hopper painting (perhaps Hotel Lobby) with lots of muted lamps, and fifties style easy chairs. The website is flash animated so I've done a couple of screen grabs instead.

the bar the Hyperion-style seating

Posted @ 2:35 pm on Saturday, April 24, 2004
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