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Link overload alert! Sometimes you come across a site which reassures you that there are people with as cluttered and eclectic tastes as your own. Since my time-wasting activity of the day has been faffing about with my blog, I even reached the level of checking my referrals list at site meter. Apart from the usual bizarre google results, I also found many referrals from daily links, photos and new writing about objects. I'm not sure how I got on there (though I think I can guess) and I'm very sure I don't know how to leave. So far, from the front page alone, I've been unable to resist the following links:

the Museum of vintage computer graphics
vintage supermarket photos
the origin of the wire coathanger (that bane of every wardrobe)
the escape from colditz game
pam am memorabilia
follow the sun (1950s travel posters)
For any of you looking at the fads microblog, expect many, many {via}s for things.

Posted @ 12:05 am on Monday, April 12, 2004
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