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I've only just started to read the warming up blog of Richard Herring. Yes, I can be slow to find the A-list blogs, I know. Not the point. The point is his reasons for blogging:

I sort of figured that if I could spend a half an hour at the beginning of each day writing about something that had happened to me on the previous day, then at least I would have done something constructive, and also it might get me in a writing frame of mind and help with the work I actually have to do.

I thought that if I put it up on the internet and had even three or four people waiting to read it each day, then that would encourage me to get on with it.
This ties with a remark from Carrie: she claims to know I have been hard at work on the novel because my blog posting rate goes up. It's also something I mentioned in an email to another blogger: I find this whole business to be an excellent way to turn the chattering masses of distracting thoughts in my head into (semi-)coherent prose on a screen. Having expelled all that blather, I can then get down to the business of getting the real work done.

Update on the over-length chapter: it has now lost 20% of the original length and is only a little longer than it ought to be. I've started on the following chapter which is behaving itself.

Posted @ 4:13 pm on Monday, April 19, 2004
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