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In Exeter this Saturday? Or indeed any Saturday? There's a lovely new retro clothes shop on the Fore Street. Electric Gypsy is run by two people who clearly know their clothes, and who look like they've time-warped from a New Hollywood film circa 1973. As well as original American vintage t-shirts (unlike the Real McCoy's mass-produced replicas in male only sizing) they make their own stuff as well. There was a gorgeous little brown velvet skirt with cream floral detail but unfortunately far too little for me. Go, shop, chat. They deserve sucess because they have vision and knowledge. It's a couple of doors down from kitsch-u-like.

Just for the record, the Real McCoy is almost entirely rubbish now. There's still a few interesting pieces in the expensive corner but the stuff on the main rails is undifferentiated junk. Last time I was in, the staff were wearing Real McCoy t-shirts. The entire joy of working in the retro clothing world (not only did I work in a retro shop but one of siblings had their own business up in Manchester in the late 80s/early 90s) is the chance to wear the stuff, to pick out the best stock early. Apart from anything else, if you're in the clothing then you are quietly demonstrating how fab it can look. Branded t-shirts don't cut it. A week ago, before I knew The Electric Gypsy was opening, I wanted a couple of cheap retro american t-shirts just for the gym - as opposed to the good ones I wear to the pub - and had to resort to getting them from H&M because the ones in the Real McCoy are all modern replicas in large male sizes only. There were no retro vintage tee suitable for women at all. Phht.

Finally, an admin note. If you are linking to the grouch, please use not http://www.moosifer.... . It seems like the mirror with the www in the url isn't updating every time the main one updates.

Posted @ 10:06 am on Saturday, April 17, 2004
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