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I'm finally happy with my reading list blog.

I did, to my horror, buy a second copy of a PKDick novel I already had (as previously wondered). This, and the horrified realisation that I added 16 books to my 'to be read' pile in March alone, made me think I ought to start cataloguing the amount of reading I keep buying. Possibly as a means to make me stop going into charity shops: the Oxfam on my street seems to have remarkably well-read doners, for example, enabling me to pick up Calvini and Marquez for 50p each. Well, copies of their books, not the writers themselves. Magic realists are not noted for hanging about the fairtrade chocolate rack in a charity shop on the wrong side of the river. At least, not in this town.

Naturally, the thought of cataloguing became instantly transformed into 'blog it!' and so the reading list was created. After some faffing about, I've decided each book will get its own entry which I can then update when I actually read the damn things. Rather disappointingly the first two read since the idea was implemented have been Archangel by Robert Harris and The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey, thus suggesting I'm in a light crime reading phase.

Posted @ 11:48 pm on Thursday, April 08, 2004
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