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Clearly we need to live in a utopia in which writers get just the right weather to suit their requirements and never have to have a day job. As with the state sanctioned long holiday at the start of April, this weekend has been long(ish) and sunny. I have sunburn. It started with the 3-pint lunch on Friday at the Prospect pub and was hidden during the cocktail evening by my rather slinky purple silk top (with a mandarin collar). All yesterday during the day was spent in the garden, researching, and this afternoon was spent with another pub lunch after another long research morning. I am very pink. More importantly, I've broken the 1K+ words/day wall and simply raced away to the end of a long scene last night. I even considered forging ahead with the next scene but suspected it might all go pear-shaped and had an early night instead.

Meanwhile, I have frittered some time checking my referral links. My current favourite is Google Search: "denounced as promulgators" which led the googler to my post on John Wesley and Joanna Southcott. Just to bewilder google some more, here is a photo of a Wesleyan thing found in York back during the Jorvik meet:

Wesleyan sign

I have a odd little collection of these kinds of signs and I intend to make them into a photo archive at some point. I'm not even sure why I find them so curious. Perhaps because they are an attempt to write the history of a locale literally into the stone of that place? Here's another, which will go into the Exeter archive as well:

thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. apparently.

Posted @ 8:00 pm on Sunday, April 25, 2004
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