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The benefit of walking to work, apart from all that healthy business and lack of significant pollution creation, is that the brain idles away at ideas. I'd got the train up to town for the last two days, which gives me some much needed editing time on the novel. Obviously, it's rather harder to make revisions whilst walking, so this morning I created an entire fanzine idea in my head between leaving the house and arrving at the office.

I knew ladyfest exeter was happening, having picked up a dinky little leaflet yesterday whilst buying tickets for electric six. I had read it and noticed that there would be a fanzine fair on the Saturday. The idle thinking whilst walking decided it would be fun to do a 'zine again. As well as writing for one of the big early 90s A4 Doctor Who 'zines (the rather spiffy SKARO), I used to make a free Tav'zine called GTM. That sometimes had grrly articles not about DW. So I planned a bundle of short articles on grrly media stuff: "Reaching a Climax" on the endings of Buffy and S&tC; "Ooh-ER" on the feminization of ER; "Rachel of the Rovers", which could be either on Corrie or Footballers' Wives. That sort of thing. I wondered if my grrly writer friends could produce something quickly if I asked. I thought of a name for the 'zine.

Arriving at work, I checked the date of the 'zine fair. It's this Saturday. So I don't think I'll be doing it. Not for ladyfest 2004 anyway. A goes to the normal 'zine fair so I might find out when the next one of those is...

Posted @ 9:13 am on Thursday, April 15, 2004
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