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Went to the Cavern last night, for a Flying Post party (for photos of the Cavern at other times, try here or here). Met two great women and I've realised I'm going to have to get contact cards made up as, since my last re-socialisation phase, I seem to have moved into the age bracket in which cards are swapped.

Had a momentary panic this morning when I couldn't find my notebook. Given it contains, not only said contacts, but also my current work on Warring States I was unsurprisingly concerned. Back when I was about 17, I had most of a novel in a single notebook which was then lost and I was never able to recover it (the book or the work). In retrospect this was a good thing, as no-one should have had to suffer an early sub-McCaffrey attempt by me and it also ingrained a habit of double-checking my notebook's whereabouts before leaving anywhere. Turned out last night I'd stuffed the current one in my cardigan pocket instead of my jacket.

This week is the start of Exeter's Fairtrade fortnight. anyone who does live in Exeter and is a caffeine or chocolate addict, should buy their coffee from Expresso Mondo on Bedford Street rather than paying an extra 15p a cup for fairtrade at Costa. There's no end of reasons for using Expresso Mondo: it's a local independent shop; all coffee, tea and hot chocolate is fairtrade; it's cheaper than the high street franchises; you can get fairtrade coffee beans roasted and ground there; the guy who runs it knows how to make a good latte; it sells handmade local cakes, German gingerbread, Dutch licquorice, and imported American chocolate (mmmmmm...Hershey bars).

(I keep meaning to post a list of all the local shops I use in preference to supermarkets, as part of the whole buy local movement, so this is a start)

Posted @ 1:12 pm on Tuesday, March 02, 2004
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