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Spent this morning updating part of the website with a new photo collection:
On City Walls is going to be an open-ended archive of grafs and stencils spotted around the town. These will mostly have appeared in the grouch first, but I've put some ones I've not posted here on the page.

A quick google also threw up the site U-OBEY. This is often to be seen stencilled onto walls around town. My favourite, though I've yet to photograph it, is the "WE EAT YOU" ones above the Nat West cash points in the city centre.

I've also been debating switchng the "convert line breaks" setting in blogger to 'No' and actually coding the breaks on the blog. This ought to mean the foolish LJers get proper paras on the syndicated feed. It does, however, mean going through every single entry of the blog and coding it with 'p' and 'br' as appropriate. I love a good time-wasting idea as much as anyway - more than anyone possibly, as right now I should be either a) writing or b) sorting through bank paperwork but I did a new page of the website instead - but I don't think it's realistic right now. So you LJers will just have to click on the link to read the entries in their lovely formatted glory.

Posted @ 2:38 pm on Saturday, March 27, 2004
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