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Jonathan Carroll is one of those writers you find almost by accident, then proceed to evangelise about. I think the first of his novels I read was The Land of Laughs and I suspect someone recommended it to me, but I can't recall who. It's the usual what lies beneath an idyll sort of magic realist work and it delighted me in part because it's about how fiction works on the imagination, how it changes your own reality.

My current "carry about to read when having a break / on a train" book is Carroll's After Silence, which I found for sale at MicroCon. This is set in LA, and has a delightful whiff of Chandler to the prose. I suspect I shall be working through the rest of his work when I get the chance.

I also picked up two more Philip K Dick novels at MicroCon, another writer who likes undercutting his characters' realities and thus making the reader conscious of the level of construction going into our own concept of it. I am 90% positive I have read the majority of Dick's work. Last year I had that terrible moment when you realise you have read a book before (it was Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said - a title you'd think I would be able to remember having read) but I think these two are new.

Posted @ 10:11 am on Thursday, March 18, 2004
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