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I should have stayed under the duvet.

I'm still waiting to hear from people whose offices are very close to Atocha station in Madrid. I emailed them on Thursday afternoon but have yet to hear back. Since I am not back in the office until Tuesday, I shall have to hope the silence is not bad news. There's little point phoning since if they are too busy to answer an email they don't need unnecessary phone calls.

I've been working on the Warring States prologue and the cover spec for it. Feeling good at sending the latter off a week early, I decided to check my bank balance. Nasty shock. The bank and my electricity supplier have conspired to make me a pauper until payday. Being unable to settle back into a WS groove after that (despite a swift raid on my saving to see me through), I resorted to the well known time wasting activity of writing something you're not going to be paid for. Therefore I present silt, my first attempt at an entry for the 300 words project. The restrictions placed around the work (<300 words, about somewhere specific, don't start with the weather) make it into a writing exercise perfect for resettling the mind, if not the bank balance. I'll only be listing any future entries in the fads, as they are exercises rather than heart breaking works of staggering genius.

Posted @ 9:11 pm on Saturday, March 13, 2004
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