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At the start of February, I suggested the year seems to be resolving itself into ideas about memory and the web. luvly talks with Lion Kimbro on wiki, notebooks, and the public web:

"I started to understand sections of the Tao Te Ching, things like that. It's actually very mechanical. It reads as if it's some mystic woo-foo; But then when you see the patterns in it matching the patterns you are seeing now, it appears very mechanical, very straight-forward."
This interests me as the practise of tai-chi is, in some ways about creating a mechanical memory - what I call the muscle memory - of the form. Once your muscles know the form, you become free to think about the patterns instead of the physical actions. Like others in my class, I have moments when I will be jolted out of practise and find myself utterly unable to remember where I am in the form. It does look and sound like "mystic woo-foo" but the physical patterns allows the mind to seek out other patterns and in turn intergrate them.
I'm astonished by all the notekeeping programs that think you should categorize notes into one bin or another bin. "No!" Multiple-categorization. If you have a computer, you're not constrained to the physical filing system, where a paper can be in only one place at a time. You can store one piece of paper in 20 places, then.
This comes back to my half-formed idea that blogging is a form of memory map: a single point (one webpage) can be accessed via multiple paths (links) just as a single memory can be triggered by many different stimuli in the brain.

Maybe I'd better get back to my writing...

Posted @ 12:26 am on Wednesday, March 24, 2004
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