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Snow! in Devon! Even my cynical "call half an inch exciting? when I were a lass we had it up to our knees in t'Midlands..." side tends to smile at the site of snow actually settled on the ground in Exeter. The city's sheltering hills, which do wonders in terms of cutting out the wind, also normally prevent the ground getting cold enough.

oh my goddess! (Kuan Yin in my garden) | St Thomas parish graveyard | St Thomas parish church (the shot everyone takes of it)

steps to the river | the Mint communal garden | blue flower in Northernhay Gardens | Northernhay Gardens, near the bamboo corner

I realised there was proper snow when, whilst doing my best to have a lie-in, I heard excited squeals in the street. The little kids at the local primary, who walk past my house, are young enough never to have seen snow covering their everyday surroundings. Still didn't get out to the flowerpot skate park at sunrise, due to said lie-in. I want to get some photos of the graffiti-laden concrete with undisturbed snow so I'll have to hope it snows again tonight. And remember to set my alarm so I can get there before the terrifying teen skater boys arrive.

You are Lost Emily!! You prefer to stay 'lost', you are a loner and do your own thing.
Went to the Picture House bar last night to meet Treacle-A, with whom I share a mutual friend. What with Carrie and A, I suddenly feel like Exeter really is a connected city and maybe there should be some kind of online hub for all the Exeter bloggers etc.

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Posted @ 10:19 am on Friday, February 27, 2004
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