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Just New Year to go now. My best physical pressie was a talking Dalek from my eldest brother. Pressing a button and hearing "YOU ARE AN EN-E-MY OF THE DA-LEKS!" is obviously great fun. Best mental/spiritual pressie was from one of my friend's cats. I spent the actual Christmas holidays at said friend's house and Molly decided to take to me. She slept on my bed - or me - on the first night and curled up under the duvet in my arms on the second night. She also did the shoulder cat thing: you're slouched on the sofa watching James Bond save the world and wondering if that last triangle of giant white toblerone was such a wise move when the cat clambers all over you, settles across your shoulder/breastbone and starts purring.

Whilst visiting the parents, I got given a copy of several pages taken from their regular broadsheet about the return of Doctor Who. A Whole Lotta Nothing suggests that blogs are merely the latest evolution in the tradition of sending newspaper cuttings to people with a "I saw this and thought of you" note on it. Annoyingly, the Guardian Guide had a cute little article comparing blogs to trad diarists (using the recent BBC Pepys drama as an excuse to run through a list of do's and don'ts for blogging posterity) but haven't thought to link to it online. And they're the most new media savvy of the British papers?

Posted @ 11:51 pm on Monday, December 29, 2003
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