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Just in editing the template and thought I'd put a note here so the top entry isn't a depressing one re Moosifer.

I've added a cute little weather pixie on the right. She shows the weather conditions at Exeter Airport and is my favourite from the little pixies at the site. Sorry, I should have said Exeter International Airport. It's something of a joke really, as it is mainly some very large sheds in a field near the city. At one point, going through customs meant walking through a portakabin. The idea of it being international is rather like the idea that flights to Heathrow regularly leave from Sunnydale.

If a cute pixie isn't enough, you can see just what the weather is like via the BBCi webcam of Exeter. When the cam is pointing towards the river, you can see my house from here. Or there's a 360degree panorama of the Cathedral Green, a spot I walk through every day on the way to work. Looks rather posh and quaint there, doesn't it?

Just had my review of the new Poirot series posted at Shiny Shelf. I may have got a bit enthusiastic in my criticism, calling it "heritage porn" etc. etc. It's just more fun to write a critical review.

Posted @ 10:02 am on Tuesday, December 16, 2003
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